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Makerspace Summer Camps for Non-Paducah City Students

Intro to Virtual Reality

Exploring Virtual Reality for rising 4-6th grade students

June 14-17, 1-3pm or June 27-29, 9-11am. This 3 day camp will introduce students to the world of Virtual Reality and how to properly use Virtual Reality headsets and hand sets. Students will be engaged in a variety of fun apps and games that will increase in complexity. The final day of camp students will travel along on a virtual field trip to lands beyond our imagination. This camp is recommended for students who have completed 3rd – 6th grade.

$75 per student. Camp fees are non-refundable.



Build Your Own Computer and KEEP IT! for rising 7th grade -12th grade students

This 5 day camp will meet June 20-24 from 4-6pm each day. Students will learn about computer hardware and how to assemble a PC. This camp will teach students how to identify the basic components of any PC. After completion of this course the student will be able to identify each part of a PC, describe the function of those parts, and assemble the parts correctly.

The following components will be covered:

  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • SSD and HDD (Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive)
  • Enclosures
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • and more….

Camp fees are $125.00 per student and are non-refundable.



Flight & Space Summer Camp for rising 7th-12th grades

$125 per student, non-refundable

June 13-17, 2022 from 9am-12pm each day.

This 5 day camp is out of this world! Students will engage the exciting world of aerospace as they explore the work of engineers. Students will use technology to design, develop, create, and test prototype aircraft. We will build a scaled version of the aircraft in our Makerspace for actual flight. Students will learn about the Science of flight and the challenges of space travel along with researching and offering solutions to real world aviation challenges.



Tech Camp: Exploring Computer Science for rising 7th-12th grades

$75 per student, non-refundable

June 6-8, 9-11am. This is a 3 day camp with an introduction to robotics, app creating, VR experiences, and computer science.

 Students get the opportunity to work with many different technology platforms, by creating their own app, coding robots, and engaging in virtual reality.



Ceramics: Hand Build a Chia Pet! for rising 7th-12th grades

June 7, 1-3pm. This 2 hour class will introduce students to introductory ceramics. Students will learn how to build a hollow animal form that can be used as a chia pet. Student will be using hand building techniques in their creation. Students will be able to pick up their finished work on June 13th with their own pack of Chia Seeds.



Python Coding for rising 7th grade through 12th grade students

$75 per student, non-refundable

June 7-9 from 4-6pm. The lessons will cover the basics in python and how to code your very own secure password generator. The student will become comfortable with the syntax of python and the basics of the development cycle.


3D Printing Using TinkerCAD

Basics of 3D printing for rising 4th - 6th grade students

$75 per student, non-refundable

June 27-29, 9am-12pm. Basics of 3D printing using TinkerCAD.  Learn to develop and design a project using CAD. Then set up, slice, prep, and 3D print your project. No prior experience is necessary.

Must attend all sessions.



Intermediate 3D printing for rising 7th - 12th grade students

$100 per student, non-refundable

June 20, 1-3pm. This intermediate 3D printing course will move your student beyond a beginners level of 3D printing. CAD software such as Fusion360 and SolidWorks will be introduced to develop 3D print designs.

Bring your designs to life! Use the latest CAD software and our army of 3D printers to design and print one-of-a-kind accessories for your phone. Some CAD experience preferred.



Ceramics: Create Your Own Animal Themed Whistle – Rising 7th-12th Grades

$25 per student, non-refundable

Hand Building Ceramics

Day 1 Students will hand build a clay whistle with an animal theme to their whistle.

Day 2 Students will glaze their work, and be able to pick up on the 16th.



Sphero Robotics for rising 1st-4th grade

$25 per student, non-refundable

June 22, 1-3pm. Come and learn to navigate a 360 degree robot. Students will code the robot to make its way through an obstacle course.

No prior experience is necessary. This course is FREE for students in enrolled in Paducah Public Schools.

$25 per student, non-refundable.