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Clark @ the HUB

The 4th grade students at Clark Elementary came to the HUB for a collaborative project. The teachers and the Makerspace staff partnered on this PBL project! Each subject area centered around early American history, with technology integrated into each rotation.For math, students used spheros as their boats to navigate their journey to America. The students had been learning about angles in math, so their path had to have so many specific kinds of angles. For reading, students “explored” in VR headsets places around the world in the WONDER app after they read aboutDaniel Boone in class. For history and science, they built boats and tested them in a pool of water. The students went through the engineering design process to revise their boats, as early Americans would have done before journeying. We loved helping with this amazing project! Let us know if we can help your grade level create and conduct a cross-curricular project!