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Barnhill Receives Honor for Food Distribution Efforts

Mayor George Bray honored PPS Food Service Director Lynsi Barnhill by naming her a “Duchess of Paducah” at the June 21 meeting of the Paducah Board of Education. Barnhill received the honor in recognition of her oversight of food distribution to PPS students during the pandemic school year of 2020-21.

“Duke” and “Duchess” of Paducah are the highest honors the city can bestow.

“I want to honor (Ms. Barnhill) for coordinating the distribution of food to all your students,” said Bray. “It was a massive undertaking…I offer you congratulations as Paducah’s newest duchess.”

“‘Grateful’ doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings when I think of the countless hours so many have spent being sure children in our community are fed and cared for,” said Barnhill. “I could never do what I do without the help of so many others.”