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About the Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub grows talent for the region through immersive experiences in technology, trades, healthcare, river industry and more. High School students from Paducah City, McCracken County, Graves County, Livingston County as well as homeschool and private school students are eligible to attend.

The Paducah Innovation Hub serves the region in growing innovative talent in emerging industries with a state-of-the-art technology center where students of all ages and community members can access and connect with emerging industries such as technology, health care, transportation, and advanced manufacturing. The Paducah Innovation Hub not only serves students from Paducah Tilghman and McCracken County High Schools but students from St. Mary, Community Christian Academy, Graves County, and Livingston County as well.

Working closely with post-secondary partners as well as business and industry partners, the Paducah Innovation Hub helps create a pipeline of talent for our community, aiding in economic growth in the Paducah micropolitan area.

Students who attend courses within the Paducah Innovation Hub will gain practical experience and develop skillsets that will make them more marketable in the workforce, regardless of the field they choose. The goal of the Paducah Innovation Hub, and Paducah Public Schools, is that students will graduate high school as college and/or career ready, allowing them to build a vision for their lives

The ultimate goal: to build a better Paducah for all of its residents.

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