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3D Printing with Purpose

3dprinting The Starfish Club at Clark Elementary came to the Paducah Innovation HUB with a special project in mind. The club realized that their school needed Braille signs for different locations around their building. Jordie Estrada and Kristina McDowell, the club sponsors, contacted the Makerspace to see how the students could make this happen. The Makerspace came to one of their club meetings and taught the students how to create prints in CAD design.

braille library Once the students understood how to design in TinkerCad, they created all the necessary signs for their building. The students then came to the HUB and actually 3D printed their signs. They brought with them a student, first grader Josiah Seymore, that would use these signs. He loved being apart of the process and knowing that students from his school saw a need and helped meet a need.

When you are in Clark Elementary, check out the signs that were made with hard work and special intentions.